Winning! Or should I say Pinning?

Pinterest is my addiction. So many great ideas in one place! I have tried a few when I get any time. Like last night when J1 went to sleep 2 hours early! That doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I say screw the housework and take some me time. I feel that some of my little craft projects keep my mind working at a relatively adult pace compared to the toddler pace I use during the day. I believe the theme for Elmo’s World is constantly on repeat in my head. I thought I would share the pins that I have had success with so far.

Sock Monkey My son loves this thing! I made mine with a pair of those really soft fuzzy socks. I will never do that again. It was messy and more difficult to sew, stick to tube socks!

Hanging Kitchen Towel Enough said. Boom.
Purse Pocket Great idea! I used fabric and batting instead of a potholder. I also used regular sandwich bags because that’s what I had around the house. We keep ours in the car to throw in the diaper bag if need be.
Foot Scrub The soap makes this scrub, it’s the bees knees.
Baby Wrap I LOVE this thing! I attribute many successful trips to the store with both mini men to this wrap. It was so easy to make too. I used a queen sized jersey sheet for my knit fabric.

Red Velvet Cookies Huge hit but kind of a pain in the ass to make.
Eggs in the Oven This takes the guess work out of hard boiled eggs but I guess you would have to call them hard baked eggs? My brown eggs did not want to peel but the white ones peeled like a dream. Make sure you dump them in ice water for 10 minutes after the oven. This is up there with bacon in the oven. (20 minutes at 375 degrees line the baking sheet with foil=no grease burns/splatter)
French Dip Crescents Holy tap dancing Jesus! Make these! I made Au Jus with 1 1/2 C water, 2 beef bullion cubes, tsp soy sauce and some garlic. Simple and quick.
Cookie Cake I’m not allowed to make this anymore. I ate the whole thing. Can we say fat ass?
Pudding Pops Husband tested and husband approved. J1 liked them too.
Chicken Pillows this is one of my favorite dinners from Pinterest. The name is silly too. Fat free cream cheese and olive oil instead of butter to dip these little pockets of heaven…or just go all out.
Chicken Foil Packs Not very pretty but they are delicious.
Chocolate Trifle I’ve made this twice and it is dangerous. So easy and really good. However, this recipe makes quite a bit and it’s rich.
Cookie Dough Dip I sampled this treat at a Pinterest potluck. The chocolate teddy grahams were so classy too. Apparently this recipe makes a lot as well so half it.
Tortilla Bowls So much better than store bought shells. These where a bit of a challenge to eat but tasty none the less.
Check out Six Sisters Stuff for recipes. Everything I have made has been awesome. The crockpot chicken quesadillas might be one of our favorite dinners!
I will leave you with my silly J1 and his sock monkey. He enjoys pre nap movies on the couch.



I like to eat eat eat epples and benenes

Now that you will be singing that song all day I will show you the bag I made to hold these beauties. We have a VERY small kitchen. We have garage shelving stacked to the ceiling just to accommodate all our “shit”. I love having fruits and veggies to snack on but we have to counter space to put anything. I found this tutorial from Delia Creates. It took all of ten minutes to make two bags. I used leftover fabric from a jersey knit sheet I used for my baby wrap. One seam, a couple snips and presto! Now I have a place to stash my bananas, avacados and mangoes. Excuse the mess (I tried to crop it out, I still want to create the mystique of housewife perfection).


My life is a lie!


My pants are on fire. I started working out yesterday. So much for being ambitious that first week, I’m such a liar. I had my 6 week postpartum appointment and was officially cleared for exercise. The cardio aspect is much more difficult to fit in with J2 not being on a schedule yet, not to mention this heat. Little men can not take being outside very long so I’ll squeeze it in when I can. I did get my starting weight of 158. I am six pounds lighter than my first appointment with J2.

I did start eating 5 to 6 small meals and making good food choices. I also cut out my biggest vice…dessert. I am only allowing myself to have  one soda a day for now. This helps with the cheating in the beginning but I plan on phasing soda out as well. Honestly I still need the caffine with J2 still nursing around the clock.

Since I’m a huge liar I’m going to push back my check in a week to stick to the biweekly plan.

Time to get serious and stop making excuses, I’m only cheating myself.

On a side note I’m working on a couple big post. I have to wait for my sexy man photographer (my husband) to take some pictures. Bear with me I’m still figuring out this whole blog thing.

Screw Moby I’ll make my own

I make a TON of stuff for my kids. I made high chair covers, nursing covers, pants, embellished onsies, quilts, bibs, stroller strap covers, cup leashes, Boppy covers and Halloween costumes. It is a lot cheaper than buying most of the time and I NEVER use a pattern. I’m just not very patient and I hate pinning things down. 

Anyways…I made a baby wrap for my youngest, J2. I would say little one but he’s not even close to little. Eleven pounds at 1 month. Yikes! So I found a tutorial at and she shows you how to put it on thank baby Jesus. I cannot figure these things out if I was being dangled over a shark tank and the only escape was putting on a baby wrap correctly. Well I made one with a jersey sheet that was too small for our bed and some sweet Forrest digital fabric I had in my stash. 

I used it for the first time today at the grocery store and  it was GLORIOUS! Put J2 right out and let me sit J1 in the cart so I could actually buy everything I came for, including a gallon of milk and the Baileys coffee creamers that were on sale. If you have not tried the creamer pull your head out of the sand or wherever you have it lodged and buys some. It’s my little piece of sanity every morning along with the best push present ever, a keurig. 

I my point in the creamer somewhere, but make on of these wraps! They totally rock and work beautifully.


I LOVE bananas! They are so good for you and come in there own handy wrapper that you can even write messages on (as I learned from Pinterest). I recently tried making the banana ice cream that’s been floating around on Pinterest. There are quite a few blogs that have put up this recipe. I’m not sure I would call it a recipe with one ingredient but for lack of a better term I’ll stick with recipe. 

I totally loved the ice cream! My husband was pretty impressed too! J1 (my oldest) even ate some and he is a really picky eater. I’m so thrilled I could kiss the person who thought of this…well maybe just a high five. However I do have a few tips.

Make sure the bananas are completely frozen. Putting thepoint the freezer on a metal tray worked great. My first batch turned into more of a smoothie because I couldn’t contain my excitement long enough for the bananas to freeze.

I mixed my bananas with hot chocolate mix…so delicious!

It freezes great and tastes awesome. If you don’t like bananas you won’t like this, there is still a very strong banana taste. 

Peanut butter is my next flavor to try. So excited!

Welcome to the Thunderdome!

It’s time to bring the pain…in other words the post baby workouts start now. I just had my youngest little man about 4 weeks ago. A month old already! I have had two babies 16 months apart. Lucky for me I only gained 18 pounds with each little love nugget. After I had my oldest I started working out too soon and way too extreme. I decided to choose a different strategy this time hoping I can bounce back to my once hot body minus the perky boobs because the only way to lift these warlocks is going to required a plastic surgeon or a forklift. Anyways…

I do not gauge my progress by weight. I think it is a horrible mind f*#% for women. I am also a more muscular build and tend to gain weight (in the form of lean mass) pretty easily. I like to take measurements because I can really see the difference. I also have a dress that I would like to fit in for the Marine Corps Ball in November. I’m going to use that dress as a goal because I really don’t have an ideal size in mind I just want to feel SEXY! Who doesn’t right? I mean let’s face it sweats and not showering til after 2 somedays does not boost your confidence but sometimes two babies just win that battle. 

I am starting the 100 pushup challenge, I’m very curious to see if it works. 

I am also doing 30 minutes of cardio a day. Walking is my favorite but it is too hot for the little men and my wonderful husband works a lot in order to keep us comfortable. So a nice walk is not going to happen most of the time. I bought a $5 dollar jump rope to substitute. 

I will try to check in with measurements every two weeks.

Starting Stats:







In the words of two wise men “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, I work out”.