I LOVE bananas! They are so good for you and come in there own handy wrapper that you can even write messages on (as I learned from Pinterest). I recently tried making the banana ice cream that’s been floating around on Pinterest. There are quite a few blogs that have put up this recipe. I’m not sure I would call it a recipe with one ingredient but for lack of a better term I’ll stick with recipe. 

I totally loved the ice cream! My husband was pretty impressed too! J1 (my oldest) even ate some and he is a really picky eater. I’m so thrilled I could kiss the person who thought of this…well maybe just a high five. However I do have a few tips.

Make sure the bananas are completely frozen. Putting thepoint the freezer on a metal tray worked great. My first batch turned into more of a smoothie because I couldn’t contain my excitement long enough for the bananas to freeze.

I mixed my bananas with hot chocolate mix…so delicious!

It freezes great and tastes awesome. If you don’t like bananas you won’t like this, there is still a very strong banana taste. 

Peanut butter is my next flavor to try. So excited!


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