Screw Moby I’ll make my own

I make a TON of stuff for my kids. I made high chair covers, nursing covers, pants, embellished onsies, quilts, bibs, stroller strap covers, cup leashes, Boppy covers and Halloween costumes. It is a lot cheaper than buying most of the time and I NEVER use a pattern. I’m just not very patient and I hate pinning things down. 

Anyways…I made a baby wrap for my youngest, J2. I would say little one but he’s not even close to little. Eleven pounds at 1 month. Yikes! So I found a tutorial at and she shows you how to put it on thank baby Jesus. I cannot figure these things out if I was being dangled over a shark tank and the only escape was putting on a baby wrap correctly. Well I made one with a jersey sheet that was too small for our bed and some sweet Forrest digital fabric I had in my stash. 

I used it for the first time today at the grocery store and  it was GLORIOUS! Put J2 right out and let me sit J1 in the cart so I could actually buy everything I came for, including a gallon of milk and the Baileys coffee creamers that were on sale. If you have not tried the creamer pull your head out of the sand or wherever you have it lodged and buys some. It’s my little piece of sanity every morning along with the best push present ever, a keurig. 

I my point in the creamer somewhere, but make on of these wraps! They totally rock and work beautifully.


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