My life is a lie!


My pants are on fire. I started working out yesterday. So much for being ambitious that first week, I’m such a liar. I had my 6 week postpartum appointment and was officially cleared for exercise. The cardio aspect is much more difficult to fit in with J2 not being on a schedule yet, not to mention this heat. Little men can not take being outside very long so I’ll squeeze it in when I can. I did get my starting weight of 158. I am six pounds lighter than my first appointment with J2.

I did start eating 5 to 6 small meals and making good food choices. I also cut out my biggest vice…dessert. I am only allowing myself to have  one soda a day for now. This helps with the cheating in the beginning but I plan on phasing soda out as well. Honestly I still need the caffine with J2 still nursing around the clock.

Since I’m a huge liar I’m going to push back my check in a week to stick to the biweekly plan.

Time to get serious and stop making excuses, I’m only cheating myself.

On a side note I’m working on a couple big post. I have to wait for my sexy man photographer (my husband) to take some pictures. Bear with me I’m still figuring out this whole blog thing.


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