2 Years

Today marks two years of crazy marriage me and my husband. Everyone says their husband is the best but mine is the shit! He works so hard to make sure our family has everything we need. He always thinks about me and brings me little goodies every once in a while. Sometimes it’s my favorite chocolate milk or a soda and sometimes a hoodie from wherever he has to travel. Hoodies are my absolute favorite piece of clothing ever, he always picks the best ones. I have finally found someone who loves me for the weird, crazy lady “Maude” that I am and I love everything about him, even when he is in a “mood”. He makes me smile, laugh, and sometimes he makes me mad. The ups and downs we have encountered have seemed so small because we are willing to sacrifice for each other. The best part of “us” is our two little men. My life is perfect right now because of my husband. I hope that this is the beginning of many anniversaries and that we grow even more crazy and weird together as time goes by. What fun would life be if you don’t have any one to get weird with? This is laced with inside jokes but I know he will read it eventually. I love you Dragon…you make my dreams come true!
XOXO Nighthawk


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