I’m back!

So I fell of the planet for a while. My husband is at the tail end of a work trip that has left me with two babies and lots of visitors. I have really enjoyed the company but I’m ready to settle back into our normal routine again. Not to mention the fact that J1 misses Dad and is so sick of Mom telling him no all the time (as you do with an 18 month old). I’m surprised he doesn’t think his name is “no”. J1 has decided to throw EPIC tantrums lately as well. I believe the terrible toddler year are upon us. If you could see my face you would know I’m so pumped about it. Then there is my happy not so little J2, who at 13 1/2 pounds is the force that grounds me through the day. I’m going to have to start looking for something else because this time next year I’m going to have two wonderful little monsters screaming at me all day.
Needless to say I have had my hands full trying to balance my mini men and working out and cleaning. I see a lot of inspirational quotes that say it’s only an hour out of your day…well these people obviously don’t have kids. Well at least not two under two. My first two weeks of P90X have been successful and I have only missed two days each week of exercise. I think that’s pretty good considering my situation. The only way I could have accomplished the set program is to lose out in sleep and that’s something I can not compromise right now because I’m really only getting 4 to 5 hours a night with all of J2’s night feedings (and late night giggle parties).
Bottom line is I’m feeling thinner and sore so both means it’s working. J2 has his 18 month well visit tomorrow with his new doctor who must be some Dougie Houser prodigy because she looks like shes about 18. J1 loves young attractive ladies so it works out for us.
So here are my new measurements
The weigh in will be next week when my husband is back in the office (his scale is super accurate because it’s Used to do Marine weigh ins). So let’s get to working out and remember…



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