Food and Football

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a nice relaxing weekend. Our dinner was a small group this year but we had fun and the boys were able to hang out with Mimi and Coach (the grands). I wish someone would have taken the carrot cake away from me. I’ve eaten way too much…fatty likes food. My contribution was dessert this year and Coach’s request was “NO pumpkin pie!” So carrot cake was my answer. I used a box mix but we tried the kind with the carrots and raisins included. It was really good! The cream cheese icing is my favorite part, not too heavy or sweet. I can’t remember where I found it. Ok I lied it was Pinterest, as if you couldn’t guess that. It’s from Not So Humble Pie and they used it for cinnamon rolls. The link will take you to their post and the frosting recipe is towards the bottom. So freaking good!
Enjoy your Sunday and get ready for the real world tomorrow. I’ll leave you with Dad and J2 before the Pats game and the ass kicking yet delivered to the Jets.



I’m a believer

My husband has always talked about the zombie apocalypse and I have always made fun of him. We started catching up with The Walking Dead and I am a believer. I love that show! By the way we are only on the second season so don’t spoil it! Anyways…I haven’t been able to get anything done because of that damn show.
Mikey (husband) is active duty in the Marine Corps and loves all the survival shows. He’s been trying to go on a survivalist camping trip but everyone chickens out. That being said we decided to start making some Survival Bracelets for the store. Everybody should be ready for Z-Day. Are you ready?


Silly lady!

I have been incredibly busy. Remember that workout crap I posted at the start of this whole thing? Well that took a turn for the worst! I would say it took a back seat but that is modest. I think I kidnapped it and have had it captive in my metaphorical trunk (take that however you would like…I think any meaning would apply). So the hunt is on over the winter to find an affordable double jogger. I think J1 and J2 would enjoy that. Anchors & Arrows is still on the ground floor. I’m working on promoting myself which has been a challenge, but if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it.
On a lighter note I am PUMPED for Thanksgiving…fatty loves her food! Speaking of food I will be sharing more Pinterest recipes soon! We have tried a few since my last post…haven’t ha a bad one yet (knocking on wood as we speak).

Oh Sweet Tap Dancing Zeus…I’m Back!

I took a long hiatus but I have returned. Crazy things going on! My husband has had a crazy schedule with Toys for Tots and work travel so I haven’t had much time for anything besides babies…and my new business :). Finally took the leap and jumped in with both feet. My wonderful husband has been very patient and supportive. He’s the best. Well it’s called Anchors & Arrows and its mostly little tot accessories but there are a few adult options thrown in for good measure. Anchors & Arrows is my shop link and you can also find me on Facebook. Go like my page or pin my stuff! I could use all the help I can get.
Halloween was a total success. The boys were dinosaurs. So hilarious! I actually make J1’s costume from last year into a dinosaur for J2. This was J1’s first year trick or treating and he LOVED it. I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Welcome November! I’m already excited for Thanksgiving!