Silly lady!

I have been incredibly busy. Remember that workout crap I posted at the start of this whole thing? Well that took a turn for the worst! I would say it took a back seat but that is modest. I think I kidnapped it and have had it captive in my metaphorical trunk (take that however you would like…I think any meaning would apply). So the hunt is on over the winter to find an affordable double jogger. I think J1 and J2 would enjoy that. Anchors & Arrows is still on the ground floor. I’m working on promoting myself which has been a challenge, but if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it.
On a lighter note I am PUMPED for Thanksgiving…fatty loves her food! Speaking of food I will be sharing more Pinterest recipes soon! We have tried a few since my last post…haven’t ha a bad one yet (knocking on wood as we speak).


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