Food and Football

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a nice relaxing weekend. Our dinner was a small group this year but we had fun and the boys were able to hang out with Mimi and Coach (the grands). I wish someone would have taken the carrot cake away from me. I’ve eaten way too much…fatty likes food. My contribution was dessert this year and Coach’s request was “NO pumpkin pie!” So carrot cake was my answer. I used a box mix but we tried the kind with the carrots and raisins included. It was really good! The cream cheese icing is my favorite part, not too heavy or sweet. I can’t remember where I found it. Ok I lied it was Pinterest, as if you couldn’t guess that. It’s from Not So Humble Pie and they used it for cinnamon rolls. The link will take you to their post and the frosting recipe is towards the bottom. So freaking good!
Enjoy your Sunday and get ready for the real world tomorrow. I’ll leave you with Dad and J2 before the Pats game and the ass kicking yet delivered to the Jets.



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