Bow ties and monkeys of the sock variety

I was asked to make some little man bow ties for a friend who ownsCharming Hearts Photography. Her son is having a sock monkey birthday party. Anyways I made a few bow ties for the sock monkeys too. Rediculously freaking adorable. I’m pretty excited about it…



ALSO… I emailed the company that I usually buy supplies from and very blatantly asked for free shit. As I told my mom, if you’re going to ask December is the month to get free shit. Well I must have been blunt enough because they are sending a box of free shit! All of which will be donated to the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital. The hospital has a little store open for parents who stay there with their children so they can shop for Christmas presents for their kids. Awesome idea and they will have plenty of headbands thanks to the Shabby Flower company. That email made my month literally.
Haley out…


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