Moment of…Silence?

Today at 9:30 am there was to be a moment of silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Our house is never really quiet with two boys under 2. It’s crazy over here! We participated by playing. I enjoyed a moment with my children. J1 was throwing a temper tantrum because he had to eat eggs for breakfast and J2 was jumping away in his bouncer. This is my perfect moment of the day.
Perfect you may ask. Yes perfect.
Those children will never get to whine about eating broccoli or ask how many more green beans before they can have ice cream. Those poor parents will never have the frustration, joy, happiness, and love that you feel at any given point during the day raising a child.
So yes even when both boys are crying, screaming, up all night I will always be grateful I get to be the one to handle their problems for now and the one to listen to their problems later.
I encourage you all to have a perfect moment today. Even if you pick the worst part of your day it’s still perfect because you are living it.


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