Life happens

Life happens. It happens whether you are ready or not. It happens while you are awake and while you are sleeping. Every moment of every day is life, an well…it’s happening.
I am guilty, guilty, guilty. I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I take things for granted. Every once in a while I need to slow down and some little trigger reminds me. This time it was a movie. I’m not one for romantic chick flicks but I got sucked in to The Lucky One.
I have no idea why this resonates with me at all. Yes my husband is a Marine but I have beer had to weather a deployment. Something in that movie reminds you how simple life can be as well as the complications of every decision. Anyways…
Our life as a family is on the verge of change. We don’t know when it’s coming, where we are going, or what is going to happen. On the verge of retiring from the military is most stressful on my husband who supports a family if four. The economy is terrifying and not knowing anything is frustrating. I’m trying to just be excited for us to settle somewhere that will be our forever but sometimes I don’t know what to do! We should start packing but it’s hard to pack without a definite end in sight.
Life…the ever evolving and confusing event. Ups and downs. It really is fun if you remember to breathe, laugh and smile along the way.



I have been totally MIA lately but that’s just how life goes. We had Christmas and New Years. Then 2 weeks of very sick babies which included an ER visit an 2 doctors visits. Postponed surgery for J1 and a surgery for the husband. Then the husband was out of town on business for two weeks. Then J1 had his second birthday yesterday. J2 started crawling. Well more of a low crawl because he’s chubby :). All that 16 tutus an 10 headbands later…here I am! Phew!
So J1 is 2 years old. He’s growing too fast and he is crazy! The only thing that occupies both my boys so I can get anything done is Toy Story. Yes my children watch tv…everyday. Shocker!
J2 is in 18 month clothes at 9 months. What the hell?! These two will be sharing clothes by next year.
Soooooo I will be back to show you some new stuff I made but if you are feeling ambitious (or extremely bored) check it out at my store.
I will also be showing J1’s birthday party 🙂 Mustache Bash. I totally went there.