I have been totally MIA lately but that’s just how life goes. We had Christmas and New Years. Then 2 weeks of very sick babies which included an ER visit an 2 doctors visits. Postponed surgery for J1 and a surgery for the husband. Then the husband was out of town on business for two weeks. Then J1 had his second birthday yesterday. J2 started crawling. Well more of a low crawl because he’s chubby :). All that 16 tutus an 10 headbands later…here I am! Phew!
So J1 is 2 years old. He’s growing too fast and he is crazy! The only thing that occupies both my boys so I can get anything done is Toy Story. Yes my children watch tv…everyday. Shocker!
J2 is in 18 month clothes at 9 months. What the hell?! These two will be sharing clothes by next year.
Soooooo I will be back to show you some new stuff I made but if you are feeling ambitious (or extremely bored) check it out at my store.
I will also be showing J1’s birthday party 🙂 Mustache Bash. I totally went there.


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