I am by far the worst packer ever! My husband and I learned this with our last move. I am on a mission to redeem myself this time. I have printed handy little labels that I found on The Project Girl Blog. I have started with clothes in our room because well, I think I can do without all 40 of my hoodies for a few months. It’s my vice and my husband always gets a new one for me every time he goes on a work trip. I hate flowers but buy me a hoodie and you have the key to my heart :). So now I’m on a mission to find boxes. I really want good big packing boxes not a million little ones.
My favorite part will be getting rid of EVERYTHING we don’t NEED. I am ready for a serious purge. I’m starting to feel like a packrat. If anyone has any really great tips please share! I am awful at this kind of thing but the responsibility has fallen on my shoulders because my sugar daddy (aka husband) allows me to be a stay at home mom.
I think what I have most trouble with is grouping things for packing. My mind just does not understand that t shirts and blenders should not go in the same box.


2 thoughts on “Packing…BOOOOO!

  1. Love the ready made labels! I visit paint supply stores and shoe stores for boxes. When packing my clients for a move, I also try and create a few open immediately boxes that include bedding, any necessary bathroom items and paper products, and any other item that might help the first night in a new home. For example, if I knew that the next home had limited lighting I would put a flashlight or nightlight in the open immediately box. Good Luck!

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