Date night

I am listening to J1 running around in his room during what should be nap time. Honestly he’s probably painting a beautiful picture for me with his poop…poop painting is something only a little man’s mother can appreciate. J1 and I have had a TON of battles lately. He’s 2 and boy does he know how to push my buttons. He has pin pointed exactly what he needs to do to really piss me off now. So much so that he looks at me while he does whatever act he decides to do at that particular moment. I really make a conscious effort to tell him I love him every time I get really mad, more for me than him. I know that at this age it can really be a battle of patience to come out sane and without a head of hair that is completely gray.
He won’t nap, he won’t eat, he won’t share (not that I expect that). The worst is the screaming. We call him the velociraptor because it is ear piercing and so loud!
J2 is on the move! Crawling, standing and starting to cruise around. As soon as he figures out he can walk we are in big trouble. I’m pretty sure stitches will be soon to follow as well, he is crazy!
My husband and I have our first date without the boys since November tonight. So excited and so nervous for our sitter. She has no idea what she’s in for, HA! This is the first time I’ve really let anyone watch both boys so I will be a little nervous (I know you other moms get it) but I totally need a break. I will enjoy every minute with my very handsome husband 🙂
Hopefully I will remember to take pictures on Easter but if I do not I hope everyone enjoys their holiday!


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