Here we go again (I hope you can sense my disgust)

I know I’m not the only one who does this, well at least I hope. I can honestly say I love working out. I love lifting, running, sweating and the burn. However it always takes me a few tries before I really get in the swing of things. I also have never had to schedule workouts around 3 other people. I’m coming up on freedom in another 2 months (the end of breast feeding is near:)). Of course we can’t forget about BEACH SEASON…Bahahahahaha. Most importantly I’m so extremely uncomfortable and unhappy with the way I look and it’s really starting to have a big impact on me.
I came back to exercise way too fast after J1 and my stomach muscles still bother me if I do too much ab or core work. I mean I did have two kids in two years and I am by no means fat. I’m on my last leg of weight loss and I would love to get really fit again. Earlier in this blog I was all about the exercise. I actually did really well until someone or sick or my husband had a work trip. Something always throws off my schedule. So I think it’s time…time to get up before the kids…gulp.
I am NOT a morning person and coffee has become a permanent staple in my morning routine and I actually enjoy it. I’m going to have to enjoy it a lot more if I am actually going to get up at the ass crack of morning to get moving. At least I have a new workout partner. Bubba!

My dog has gotten FAAAATTTTT! We got him fixed in August and J1 has also figured out that he can feed Bubba the food he doesn’t want since then as well. This dog is a fatty and he needs to get his sexy back so he doesn’t look like a sausage with legs. So big game plan is to get up early and walk the dog and I’m hoping I will just start working out after the walk since I’m up already. This all may be wishful thinking but we will find out Monday.
On a heavier note I am looking forward to Chinese food tomorrow! It’s our Easter tradition 🙂
My sexy husband is making a big breakfast the Chinese for dinner. Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt for the boys and then…(drumroll) The Walking Dead!
Every one is going to die I’m so stressed out!


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