Procrastination, exhaustion and all that jazz

I have been trying to get Anchors & Arrows squared away so I can focus on packing all of our shit. Well procrastination always gets the best of me. I have one flower to add to a tutu dress before I’m finished but I thought beer and popcorn was totally more important tonight. I did horrible eating today by the way however I did have the most amazing birthday cake milkshake or “frap” as my husband calls it. Not a frappe just a frap. We totally did a “Who’s on first?” with this subject today. I was so confused. Freaking Crazy Bostonian. I don’t get it…still.
I am tired! I need a nap! I’m struggling to keep my eyes open right now. I have gone through most of our crap and weeded through all the garbage. I put a big dent in it anyways. Now it’s just time to repack. Wish me luck! I’m outta here!
Stay safe!


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