Got milk?

My youngest will be 1 in two weeks. What the hell?! Where did the past year go? So we have come to the point in his little life that he has to let go of the boob. Since my boys are 15 months apart I have been breastfeeding for almost 2 year straight. J1 was breastfeeding until 1 year (even while I was pregnant with J2). J1 was pretty great at weaning. He did really well because he knew he could watch cartoons in the morning and drink his milk at the same time…such a man. Now J2 he will steal everyone’s sippy cups and drink them but will refuse any cup I give him. I have even tried casually leaving it on the floor and even telling him no then moving it, so he can still reach it. Seems my reverse psych needs some work. I know that he will get the hang of it eventually but I’m not finding an approach that works. Oh who decided babies didn’t need directions!

He’s just too cute…(sigh) maybe I’m just trying to hold on to that last bit of baby left.


2 thoughts on “Got milk?

  1. None of my kids took to a sippy easily. We spent a fortune trying out different kinds. No fun!

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