Here I Go Again On My Own!

You started singing the song didn’t you? Did I give you a rad flashback filled with big hair and sexy car gymnastics? I hope so 🙂
So I’ve said this before but I’m going there again. I’ve finally picked a concrete goal. I’m aiming to enter the NPC Bikini Contest in October. You heard it here first. We joined a gym and committed to a lifestyle change. I’m so freaking excited. (No sarcasm intended.)
So hold tight because as much as it pains me and as embarrassed as I am about my body I WILL be posting before pictures. So all you mommies out there come on over and jump on this bandwagon I’m driving. We can all struggle and laugh at each other, in a loving and supportive way of course. Saddle up bitches it’s time to get our sexy back!


One thought on “Here I Go Again On My Own!

  1. Mimi says:

    Good for you H!

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