First Day Back…Super Freaking Fantastic

First day back lifting was amazing. I dropped J1 off at the daycare in the gym. He didn’t even say bye he just went straight for the toys. It’s a beautiful thing. Apparently he climbed on all the tables while he was there. He’s a boy he is supposed to climb :).
I warmed up on the bike and stretched. I put my headphones on and went straight for the free weights and smith press. I did alternating sets of squats and calf raises on the smith press. Then I did alternating sets of military press and upright rows on the smith press as well. I also snuck in some weighted back extension and weighted walking lunges. I was ready for a cool down within 40 minutes. All my weight was pretty light (40 lbs for leg work and 20 lbs for upper body). I did all the sets with very little rest for more of a HIIT style workout. I am sore today but not too sore and I’m feeling it in all the right places.
I did figure out where I am overcompensating so I may have to alter my squat in the future to balance out my bad knee.
I also picked a training schedule for the next few weeks. I will be soon an upper body lower body split and only lifting three days a week. On the off days I will be doing cardio and either yoga or some of Melissa Bender’s workouts. Then Sunday will be a complete rest day.
Even though I obviously will not see results for a few weeks lifting gives me such a confidence boost. Sooooo pumped!



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