Mother Rant…I apologize in advance

I firmly believe that there are some topics that people should just keep their opinion to themselves. Parenting techniques is one of those topics.
If you decide that breastfeeding is just not for you thats ok. If you want to breastfeeding until your kid is six who am I to tell you that is wrong. If you want to cosleep then be my guest. If you think putting your kid in his/her crib the first night you come home then more power to you. Oh and of course cry it out…I’m not even going to go there.
Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Get off your high horse and pull that stick out of your ass. We are all different and so are our kids. I can tell you personally that my kids are polar opposites. I felt like I was a first time mother again with a 15 month old to boot.
Is your child taken care of to the best of your ability? Do you feel confident when you go to bed at night that you did the best job you could today? Your parenting choices were probably the best for YOUR child and I’m sure you always have your child’s best interest in mind everyday. That does not mean everyone else will have the same success. If I chose to not pick up my child every time he cries it does not mean that I don’t love him.
No one is perfect. Until you have lived that persons life I really don’t think you can judge their decisions. Stick to what you know and mind your own damn business. We should be joined in one big union as mothers and support each other.

End rant.


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