All in good time

I looked back to see when I actually started this blog. To my embarrassment it has been a little over a year. A whole year of excuses for working out and getting in shape.

Turn that frown upside down chubby! I’ve been consistent with my workouts and trying to get in the swing I things. Apparently my early morning workouts have been squashed by J2 getting up at 5 am every day. Boooooo! So I’m going as soon as the day are opens at 9. Lucky enough my boys LOVE the day care. They can not get away from me fast enough. Every one leaves their kids crying to go home and mine dont even say bye. J1 literally runs from the front door of the gym straight to the day care. i think he gave a few high fives along the way today.
Speaking of these little devils. I walk into the daycare room to pick them up after my hour workout and J2 is singing to himself under a table while J1 is hoarding all the naked blonde barbies he can find. Only naked and only blonde…at least he knows what he likes. Yep they are mine. Weird as all get out and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Stay happy! Stay positive! Keep on keepin’ on!


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