Leg Day

Leg Day!
I love leg day. It’s really the only lifting I love to do. Anything upper body really doesn’t do it for me like a good, hard, burn of the leg day. You know the workout that is so hard that flight of stairs feels like the Harvard steps and the toilet seems a lot shorter than it was yesterday.
Feel that burn.
I did not do right by my legs today. It was a crazy morning and I’m on day 4 of the never ending headache. I broke the cardinal rule of muscle love…I didn’t have any protein after my workout. I actually didn’t eat much at all today. I am terrified of the soreness I’m going to feel tomorrow considering how my legs are burning right now.
Hopefully a run tomorrow will help all that lactic acid get moving 🙂
I’m feeling skinny and feeling like I look better but the numbers aren’t changing. The truth is the feeling is more important than the numbers.
Keep on truckin’ you all.