Wright’s Law

Take a few minutes to watch this video. Take from it what you will. It is a wonderful tribute to love and the human spirit.

Wright’s Law


Big Boys

Finally! The day has come to get rid of the enormous but until now necessary eyesore…the highchair.
J1 needs to start learning to use a regular chair at the table. He’s 2 1/2 and is climbing like crazy. He also enjoys redecorating the dining room. Sooooooo I decided to call him up to the big leagues. Which in turn moved J2 into the booster seat and now everyone is at the table together. It makes dinner so enjoyable to be able to focus on everyone.
Now J1 is wild, crazy and all boy so he needs a little help staying in one spot. Our chairs have no arms.

As you can see its an easy escape route for J1. So I went on a mission to our local Goodwill J1 in tow to find a chair with arms. I totally hit the jackpot with this beauty for $8.

I thought it needed a little color. I mean so much character and such a half assed stain job is just a tragedy. So I called in some advice from my friend who’s husband just recently was stationed in Australia. The poor thing had to travel to Australia with a toddler. Yikes! Anyways she has been soon some amazing furniture transformations so she gave me some paint advice.
Off to Wally World to find some spray paint. She suggested a primer than any spray paint I wanted to use on top. I looked and looked and found the Krylon dual spray paint that is a primer and paint in one. $5? SOLD.
Now I have never spray painted anything in my life. I asked my husband for some tips and went in the backyard and sprayed that bad boy. I came back in and told him I used the whole can and he looked at me like I was crazy. So I might need some practice before I start revamping our furniture but I think it came out pretty fantastic for my first attempt. Oh and the color…LOVE!


Crap Workouts

You know the days you have to drag yourself around to get ready. The couch feels like it might swallow you whole, but you’re okay with that. Your legs feel like lead and so do your eyelids. Yup, I’m there. J2 is teething like crazy and his sleep schedule is just not very consistent. You know what that means! Mom’s sleep sucks too. I need a good 6 hours of beauty sleep to function the next day, after a cup of coffee of course. Both boys have been refusing to nap and passing out at dinner which isn’t helping the issue. Oh and my Bubba has been in need of sleepovers because he is terrified of thunder so I have been camped out on the couch. Good thing he’s so cute. I mean look at that face!

Well I dragged myself to the gym. It was horrible. CRAP workout! I have no one to blame but myself. I did half of a HIIT workout on the treadmill…I guess you could call it that. I tried to lift and whelp! Just not going to happen today. Then after the feeling of utter disappointment in myself for being a lazy ass I went to pick the kids up in the daycare. Oh the pure joy of hearing that your child decided it was appropriate to hit someone in the face. Boom! Day made, right?
Hopefully my shower washed off the horrible morning funk and the day will lead to something fabulous.



Mother Rant…I apologize in advance

I firmly believe that there are some topics that people should just keep their opinion to themselves. Parenting techniques is one of those topics.
If you decide that breastfeeding is just not for you thats ok. If you want to breastfeeding until your kid is six who am I to tell you that is wrong. If you want to cosleep then be my guest. If you think putting your kid in his/her crib the first night you come home then more power to you. Oh and of course cry it out…I’m not even going to go there.
Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Get off your high horse and pull that stick out of your ass. We are all different and so are our kids. I can tell you personally that my kids are polar opposites. I felt like I was a first time mother again with a 15 month old to boot.
Is your child taken care of to the best of your ability? Do you feel confident when you go to bed at night that you did the best job you could today? Your parenting choices were probably the best for YOUR child and I’m sure you always have your child’s best interest in mind everyday. That does not mean everyone else will have the same success. If I chose to not pick up my child every time he cries it does not mean that I don’t love him.
No one is perfect. Until you have lived that persons life I really don’t think you can judge their decisions. Stick to what you know and mind your own damn business. We should be joined in one big union as mothers and support each other.

End rant.

Murphy’s Law

Everyone has those days when you feel like everything goes wrong. Do you ever feel like this is a constant plague on your life?
I happen to have a very positive look on life but usually all the little things do not fall in my favor…ever. I am used to it at this point. My coping mechanisms are to always leave early, be overly prepared, pack the night before, double check everything and remember to laugh.
Our house is crazy. We have entirely too much going on and I feel as though nothing ever gets finished. This irks me to no end. I love the sense of pride and relief I feel when completing something. I’m a little type A when it comes to preparing and completing tasks. It overwhelms me sometimes to the point that I run it over in my head so many times that when its time to start I’ve already mapped out my entire plan of attack. Trust me I am not complaining about my life. I am beyond blessed and very grateful. However, everyone deserves a little rant here or there right?! To every negative there is a positive so here we go.
My husband’s car shit the bed. So we are down to one car. I am grateful we have two cars to begin with. This throws a major monkey wrench into my new found motivation and workout schedule. I have to get up at 5 am and be home by 6:30 in order to get a workout in right now. I am grateful I have a gym membership. Monday I woke up at 5 and started to get ready and J2 woke up. Soooo we snuggled on the couch and he eventually fell back asleep. I am SO grateful for the snuggles. That alone trumps any other plans! This morning I woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine so I was not about to lift upper body this morning. I am grateful that I feel well enough this morning to function and play with the mini men. I am hoping that I can make it in there tonight if I feel well enough.
There are other huge issues weighing on my shoulders but we all have those. I am just looking for the good. There is always something good.

To look in a different direction I’m looking for suggestions for preworkout supplements and protein powder. I tried a few protein powders and I haven’t found one I can stomach yet. I have never tried a preworkout and I would like to give it a shot! Suggestions are appreciated!
Have a good day and enjoy your silver linings!

Happy Birthday America

I hope everyone had a great 4th! I really love the sense of wholeness I feel as a nation on the 4th of July. It really is a modern reminder of what our nation came from and how much incredible history we have.
I am still waiting to hear the death tolls in Maryland from today. Apparently people don’t understand the what goes up must come down concept. Every year we have deaths from people shooting their guns in the air at the end of the fireworks show. Well because clapping obviously isn’t enough. We get a little firework happy over here.
I grew up near Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis is the capital if you didn’t know, it’s not Baltimore. Any ways all along the Chesapeake Bay every community has a firework show. You can find a few spots where you can see like 6 shows. It’s pretty cool.
Holy rambling mess!
We went to a parade today. My husband marched in two but it was so hot we only stayed to watch one.


Uncle Sam Balloon

The men!
After the parade we came home and relaxed all day. Complete with snowballs and Sonic.
It was perfect.
So a big thank you to all those who have served our country. We have some brave men an women out there and I for one am truly thankful for you all.
Happy Birthday America! We love you.

Got milk?

My youngest will be 1 in two weeks. What the hell?! Where did the past year go? So we have come to the point in his little life that he has to let go of the boob. Since my boys are 15 months apart I have been breastfeeding for almost 2 year straight. J1 was breastfeeding until 1 year (even while I was pregnant with J2). J1 was pretty great at weaning. He did really well because he knew he could watch cartoons in the morning and drink his milk at the same time…such a man. Now J2 he will steal everyone’s sippy cups and drink them but will refuse any cup I give him. I have even tried casually leaving it on the floor and even telling him no then moving it, so he can still reach it. Seems my reverse psych needs some work. I know that he will get the hang of it eventually but I’m not finding an approach that works. Oh who decided babies didn’t need directions!

He’s just too cute…(sigh) maybe I’m just trying to hold on to that last bit of baby left.