Big Boys

Finally! The day has come to get rid of the enormous but until now necessary eyesore…the highchair.
J1 needs to start learning to use a regular chair at the table. He’s 2 1/2 and is climbing like crazy. He also enjoys redecorating the dining room. Sooooooo I decided to call him up to the big leagues. Which in turn moved J2 into the booster seat and now everyone is at the table together. It makes dinner so enjoyable to be able to focus on everyone.
Now J1 is wild, crazy and all boy so he needs a little help staying in one spot. Our chairs have no arms.

As you can see its an easy escape route for J1. So I went on a mission to our local Goodwill J1 in tow to find a chair with arms. I totally hit the jackpot with this beauty for $8.

I thought it needed a little color. I mean so much character and such a half assed stain job is just a tragedy. So I called in some advice from my friend who’s husband just recently was stationed in Australia. The poor thing had to travel to Australia with a toddler. Yikes! Anyways she has been soon some amazing furniture transformations so she gave me some paint advice.
Off to Wally World to find some spray paint. She suggested a primer than any spray paint I wanted to use on top. I looked and looked and found the Krylon dual spray paint that is a primer and paint in one. $5? SOLD.
Now I have never spray painted anything in my life. I asked my husband for some tips and went in the backyard and sprayed that bad boy. I came back in and told him I used the whole can and he looked at me like I was crazy. So I might need some practice before I start revamping our furniture but I think it came out pretty fantastic for my first attempt. Oh and the color…LOVE!