Wright’s Law

Take a few minutes to watch this video. Take from it what you will. It is a wonderful tribute to love and the human spirit.

Wright’s Law


Murphy’s Law

Everyone has those days when you feel like everything goes wrong. Do you ever feel like this is a constant plague on your life?
I happen to have a very positive look on life but usually all the little things do not fall in my favor…ever. I am used to it at this point. My coping mechanisms are to always leave early, be overly prepared, pack the night before, double check everything and remember to laugh.
Our house is crazy. We have entirely too much going on and I feel as though nothing ever gets finished. This irks me to no end. I love the sense of pride and relief I feel when completing something. I’m a little type A when it comes to preparing and completing tasks. It overwhelms me sometimes to the point that I run it over in my head so many times that when its time to start I’ve already mapped out my entire plan of attack. Trust me I am not complaining about my life. I am beyond blessed and very grateful. However, everyone deserves a little rant here or there right?! To every negative there is a positive so here we go.
My husband’s car shit the bed. So we are down to one car. I am grateful we have two cars to begin with. This throws a major monkey wrench into my new found motivation and workout schedule. I have to get up at 5 am and be home by 6:30 in order to get a workout in right now. I am grateful I have a gym membership. Monday I woke up at 5 and started to get ready and J2 woke up. Soooo we snuggled on the couch and he eventually fell back asleep. I am SO grateful for the snuggles. That alone trumps any other plans! This morning I woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine so I was not about to lift upper body this morning. I am grateful that I feel well enough this morning to function and play with the mini men. I am hoping that I can make it in there tonight if I feel well enough.
There are other huge issues weighing on my shoulders but we all have those. I am just looking for the good. There is always something good.

To look in a different direction I’m looking for suggestions for preworkout supplements and protein powder. I tried a few protein powders and I haven’t found one I can stomach yet. I have never tried a preworkout and I would like to give it a shot! Suggestions are appreciated!
Have a good day and enjoy your silver linings!

Procrastination, exhaustion and all that jazz

I have been trying to get Anchors & Arrows squared away so I can focus on packing all of our shit. Well procrastination always gets the best of me. I have one flower to add to a tutu dress before I’m finished but I thought beer and popcorn was totally more important tonight. I did horrible eating today by the way however I did have the most amazing birthday cake milkshake or “frap” as my husband calls it. Not a frappe just a frap. We totally did a “Who’s on first?” with this subject today. I was so confused. Freaking Crazy Bostonian. I don’t get it…still.
I am tired! I need a nap! I’m struggling to keep my eyes open right now. I have gone through most of our crap and weeded through all the garbage. I put a big dent in it anyways. Now it’s just time to repack. Wish me luck! I’m outta here!
Stay safe!

1 year later

The Red Poppy. The flower of remembrance. My grandfather always gave me those paper poppy flowers. I always saved them even though I didn’t really understand until recently the significance.
This is going to get a little personal just a fair warning. My grandfather passed a year ago tomorrow. He was a WWII vet. He fought in all three theaters during the war with the Navy. I am one of his two grandchildren and only granddaughter, so it’s safe to say I’m the favorite. He was genuine and kind. Always thinking of others and going out of his way to make everyone smile. I will say I can not think of a better way to celebrate him than Maryland’s favorite holiday…Opening Day.
My grandfather is, was and will always be the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I’m not sure if he knew how much I admired him but I know he knew how much I loved him. Patient, thoughtful and humble. He always knew what to say. I remember the first scare in the hospital when the doctors weren’t sure if he would make it much longer. I had some time with him. I still draw on that day when I’m going through a rough time. He obviously was to go yet because we were lucky enough to have another few years with him.
My grandfather never judged me. He never thought my life plans were silly. He always supported me and always brightened my day. I knew whenever I would see him he would have a present for me. In fact I still have the jar of pickles he gave me the day we told my grandparents I was pregnant with their first great grand child. I can’t bring myself to open it now.
My grandad was my biggest fan. Every day I think about him and I remember how loving and how loved he was.
He would have wanted me to smile, to laugh and to try my best every day.
So I will.
I will smile at my husband who is the second greatest man I have ever met right behind my grandfather.
I will laugh with my children and be as silly as possible.
I will always try to be the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and person that I can.
One day when I see him again I’m sure he will greet me with a “Hey Hon!” A smile and a big jar of pickles and an ice scraper for my car.

Moment of…Silence?

Today at 9:30 am there was to be a moment of silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Our house is never really quiet with two boys under 2. It’s crazy over here! We participated by playing. I enjoyed a moment with my children. J1 was throwing a temper tantrum because he had to eat eggs for breakfast and J2 was jumping away in his bouncer. This is my perfect moment of the day.
Perfect you may ask. Yes perfect.
Those children will never get to whine about eating broccoli or ask how many more green beans before they can have ice cream. Those poor parents will never have the frustration, joy, happiness, and love that you feel at any given point during the day raising a child.
So yes even when both boys are crying, screaming, up all night I will always be grateful I get to be the one to handle their problems for now and the one to listen to their problems later.
I encourage you all to have a perfect moment today. Even if you pick the worst part of your day it’s still perfect because you are living it.

I’m back!

So I fell of the planet for a while. My husband is at the tail end of a work trip that has left me with two babies and lots of visitors. I have really enjoyed the company but I’m ready to settle back into our normal routine again. Not to mention the fact that J1 misses Dad and is so sick of Mom telling him no all the time (as you do with an 18 month old). I’m surprised he doesn’t think his name is “no”. J1 has decided to throw EPIC tantrums lately as well. I believe the terrible toddler year are upon us. If you could see my face you would know I’m so pumped about it. Then there is my happy not so little J2, who at 13 1/2 pounds is the force that grounds me through the day. I’m going to have to start looking for something else because this time next year I’m going to have two wonderful little monsters screaming at me all day.
Needless to say I have had my hands full trying to balance my mini men and working out and cleaning. I see a lot of inspirational quotes that say it’s only an hour out of your day…well these people obviously don’t have kids. Well at least not two under two. My first two weeks of P90X have been successful and I have only missed two days each week of exercise. I think that’s pretty good considering my situation. The only way I could have accomplished the set program is to lose out in sleep and that’s something I can not compromise right now because I’m really only getting 4 to 5 hours a night with all of J2’s night feedings (and late night giggle parties).
Bottom line is I’m feeling thinner and sore so both means it’s working. J2 has his 18 month well visit tomorrow with his new doctor who must be some Dougie Houser prodigy because she looks like shes about 18. J1 loves young attractive ladies so it works out for us.
So here are my new measurements
The weigh in will be next week when my husband is back in the office (his scale is super accurate because it’s Used to do Marine weigh ins). So let’s get to working out and remember…