Crap Workouts

You know the days you have to drag yourself around to get ready. The couch feels like it might swallow you whole, but you’re okay with that. Your legs feel like lead and so do your eyelids. Yup, I’m there. J2 is teething like crazy and his sleep schedule is just not very consistent. You know what that means! Mom’s sleep sucks too. I need a good 6 hours of beauty sleep to function the next day, after a cup of coffee of course. Both boys have been refusing to nap and passing out at dinner which isn’t helping the issue. Oh and my Bubba has been in need of sleepovers because he is terrified of thunder so I have been camped out on the couch. Good thing he’s so cute. I mean look at that face!

Well I dragged myself to the gym. It was horrible. CRAP workout! I have no one to blame but myself. I did half of a HIIT workout on the treadmill…I guess you could call it that. I tried to lift and whelp! Just not going to happen today. Then after the feeling of utter disappointment in myself for being a lazy ass I went to pick the kids up in the daycare. Oh the pure joy of hearing that your child decided it was appropriate to hit someone in the face. Boom! Day made, right?
Hopefully my shower washed off the horrible morning funk and the day will lead to something fabulous.