Wright’s Law

Take a few minutes to watch this video. Take from it what you will. It is a wonderful tribute to love and the human spirit.

Wright’s Law


Happy Birthday America

I hope everyone had a great 4th! I really love the sense of wholeness I feel as a nation on the 4th of July. It really is a modern reminder of what our nation came from and how much incredible history we have.
I am still waiting to hear the death tolls in Maryland from today. Apparently people don’t understand the what goes up must come down concept. Every year we have deaths from people shooting their guns in the air at the end of the fireworks show. Well because clapping obviously isn’t enough. We get a little firework happy over here.
I grew up near Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis is the capital if you didn’t know, it’s not Baltimore. Any ways all along the Chesapeake Bay every community has a firework show. You can find a few spots where you can see like 6 shows. It’s pretty cool.
Holy rambling mess!
We went to a parade today. My husband marched in two but it was so hot we only stayed to watch one.


Uncle Sam Balloon

The men!
After the parade we came home and relaxed all day. Complete with snowballs and Sonic.
It was perfect.
So a big thank you to all those who have served our country. We have some brave men an women out there and I for one am truly thankful for you all.
Happy Birthday America! We love you.

1 year later

The Red Poppy. The flower of remembrance. My grandfather always gave me those paper poppy flowers. I always saved them even though I didn’t really understand until recently the significance.
This is going to get a little personal just a fair warning. My grandfather passed a year ago tomorrow. He was a WWII vet. He fought in all three theaters during the war with the Navy. I am one of his two grandchildren and only granddaughter, so it’s safe to say I’m the favorite. He was genuine and kind. Always thinking of others and going out of his way to make everyone smile. I will say I can not think of a better way to celebrate him than Maryland’s favorite holiday…Opening Day.
My grandfather is, was and will always be the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I’m not sure if he knew how much I admired him but I know he knew how much I loved him. Patient, thoughtful and humble. He always knew what to say. I remember the first scare in the hospital when the doctors weren’t sure if he would make it much longer. I had some time with him. I still draw on that day when I’m going through a rough time. He obviously was to go yet because we were lucky enough to have another few years with him.
My grandfather never judged me. He never thought my life plans were silly. He always supported me and always brightened my day. I knew whenever I would see him he would have a present for me. In fact I still have the jar of pickles he gave me the day we told my grandparents I was pregnant with their first great grand child. I can’t bring myself to open it now.
My grandad was my biggest fan. Every day I think about him and I remember how loving and how loved he was.
He would have wanted me to smile, to laugh and to try my best every day.
So I will.
I will smile at my husband who is the second greatest man I have ever met right behind my grandfather.
I will laugh with my children and be as silly as possible.
I will always try to be the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and person that I can.
One day when I see him again I’m sure he will greet me with a “Hey Hon!” A smile and a big jar of pickles and an ice scraper for my car.

Life happens

Life happens. It happens whether you are ready or not. It happens while you are awake and while you are sleeping. Every moment of every day is life, an well…it’s happening.
I am guilty, guilty, guilty. I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I take things for granted. Every once in a while I need to slow down and some little trigger reminds me. This time it was a movie. I’m not one for romantic chick flicks but I got sucked in to The Lucky One.
I have no idea why this resonates with me at all. Yes my husband is a Marine but I have beer had to weather a deployment. Something in that movie reminds you how simple life can be as well as the complications of every decision. Anyways…
Our life as a family is on the verge of change. We don’t know when it’s coming, where we are going, or what is going to happen. On the verge of retiring from the military is most stressful on my husband who supports a family if four. The economy is terrifying and not knowing anything is frustrating. I’m trying to just be excited for us to settle somewhere that will be our forever but sometimes I don’t know what to do! We should start packing but it’s hard to pack without a definite end in sight.
Life…the ever evolving and confusing event. Ups and downs. It really is fun if you remember to breathe, laugh and smile along the way.

Moment of…Silence?

Today at 9:30 am there was to be a moment of silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Our house is never really quiet with two boys under 2. It’s crazy over here! We participated by playing. I enjoyed a moment with my children. J1 was throwing a temper tantrum because he had to eat eggs for breakfast and J2 was jumping away in his bouncer. This is my perfect moment of the day.
Perfect you may ask. Yes perfect.
Those children will never get to whine about eating broccoli or ask how many more green beans before they can have ice cream. Those poor parents will never have the frustration, joy, happiness, and love that you feel at any given point during the day raising a child.
So yes even when both boys are crying, screaming, up all night I will always be grateful I get to be the one to handle their problems for now and the one to listen to their problems later.
I encourage you all to have a perfect moment today. Even if you pick the worst part of your day it’s still perfect because you are living it.

2 Years

Today marks two years of crazy marriage me and my husband. Everyone says their husband is the best but mine is the shit! He works so hard to make sure our family has everything we need. He always thinks about me and brings me little goodies every once in a while. Sometimes it’s my favorite chocolate milk or a soda and sometimes a hoodie from wherever he has to travel. Hoodies are my absolute favorite piece of clothing ever, he always picks the best ones. I have finally found someone who loves me for the weird, crazy lady “Maude” that I am and I love everything about him, even when he is in a “mood”. He makes me smile, laugh, and sometimes he makes me mad. The ups and downs we have encountered have seemed so small because we are willing to sacrifice for each other. The best part of “us” is our two little men. My life is perfect right now because of my husband. I hope that this is the beginning of many anniversaries and that we grow even more crazy and weird together as time goes by. What fun would life be if you don’t have any one to get weird with? This is laced with inside jokes but I know he will read it eventually. I love you Dragon…you make my dreams come true!
XOXO Nighthawk