Saving Money on Paper Goods

2 toddler boys = 1 BIG mess.
I vacuum constantly. I don’t even know where the crumbs come from. Sometimes I think they have a hidden stash and wait until I walk out of the room to throw them everywhere.
We go through wipes, diapers and paper towels like crazy. Just my personal preference but I will not use reusable diapers. I’m just not on board and my husband would never change a diaper again if he had to wash the poop off after.
I know there are a lot of home made baby wipes out there but I haven’t jumped on that band wagon yet because it doesn’t seem like a lot of savings. I usually look for some good deals on wipes. Also as I understand you should use tea tree oil to prevent mold on the home made wipes and I honestly can not take the smell. It drives me crazy.
Paper towels, however, I’m on board. I freaking love paper towels but I think I use them a little too freely. Enter the reusable paper towel!



There are TONS of tutorials on this particular topic but I didn’t use one. I just used a sheet of paper towel as my pattern and went to town. I used an old receiving blanket and baby towel for the two sides of my “paper towel”. These are for messes so I’m really not concerned with what they look like. I like using what I have as well, I mean this is about saving money. I’m not ditching my beloved paper towels just yet but I’m hoping this will cut back.
Please forgive my horrible pictures and ugly curtain.

Are you on board with reusable/cloth paper towels and napkins?